Helping young people find their independence

Life can be challenging for young people – especially when they experience a crisis like a family breakdown.
When that happens, 24/7 Support UK Limited is here to help them.
We provide caring, independent living support for young people.
We help young people with learning difficulties and complex needs, young offenders, young people with behavioural issues, unaccompanied young asylum seekers, and vulnerable young survivors of abuse.
Most of the young people we help are aged between 16 and 18, but with exceptional arrangements with local authorities we can place young people aged under 16 or over 18.
Our staff are carefully vetted and trained – and we involve young people in the recruitment process.
Our care and support helps our young people develop crucial skills.
We help them to blossom into mature, independent adults.

Our values and our mission

  • To guide young people along the path to becoming independent members of the community

  • To provide each young person with a high-quality service tailored to their individual needs

  • To give open, flexible, person-centred support

  • To help young people develop their talents and abilities – allowing them to grow

  • To protect the rights of young people and keep them safe

  • To promote integration and diversity

We understand that the young people we support and their families may well have faced discrimination alongside the difficulties they have experienced. So, we feel it’s vital that 24/7 Support UK Limited is committed to equality of opportunity in all our service provisions. We’re committed to treating people fairly and consistently.

A rigorous system of checks

All our workers are vetted thoroughly.
We require at least two satisfactory references, we verify their identities and qualifications, and we require an enhanced DBS (Disclosure and Barring Services) check on all workers whether they work directly for us as staff or are supplied by an agency.

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