“Drip by Drip Day by Day Experience” – Staff Training moments captured

Drip By Drip Day By Day essentially means, if we nurture creativity, inspire authenticity, encourage curiosity then the children and young people we support, then we can begin to form stronger connections that will make a real difference. For a lot of the children and young people we support, they often feel as though the world is a cold place to survive in, and so they develop ice.

If we as caring and compassionate people have enough empathy, patience, optimism, and essentially love, for our children and young people, then we can radiate warmth to melt the ice away, Drip By Drip Day By Day.

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24/7 Support UK Limited

Residential Children’s Homes & Semi Independent Living Support Service – We support young offenders, young people with behaviour issues, unaccompanied young asylum seekers, young people with learning disabilities, autism, complex needs and vulnerable young people who would have gone through abuse of different types.

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