We operate a key worker/mentor system within our residential and semi independent support services

We enable young people to develop essential skills required to achieve independence and drive up maturity through giving them space they need to reflect upon previous incidents, behaviours, actions and consequences.

Enabling children and young people to give up harmful behaviours and thinking and adopt positive attitudes and perception to living.  A dedicated staff team is supported by Directors, Therapeutic / Clinical leads, Service Managers, Residential Managers, Deputy Managers, Service Co-ordinators and Shift leaders .

Child / Young person centred approach

We provide child and young person centred approach through named key-worker / mentor, with whom the child or young person will have the opportunity to develop an appropriate working relationship.

Consistent approach

Enable a consistent approach to ensure that the child / young person’s information is collected and collated so as to accurately reflect the up to date therapeutic support needs of the child / young person, within the relevant child / young person centred plans.

Individual Assessments

Each child or young person will be assessed individually prior to moving in so that their support needs can
be identified and met.

Empower Children / Young People with life skills

Every young person in our semi independent living will complete a 10 week programme called My Semi independent Living skills work book . This will aim to teach life skills and empower the young person to be individually responsible for their own environment, lifestyle and life
skills such as:

  • Social life and Recreational skills
  • Accessing training and Educational skills
  • Personal hygiene
  • Booking and support on holidays
  • Accessing welfare benefits
  • Accessing appropriate employment
  • Maintaining their tenancies / bills
  • Medical Services registration
  • Budgeting & Saving
  • Laundry & Cooking etc


Accommodation – Planned or Emergency Placements

Accommodation – Planned or Emergency Placements

We will consider both emergency and non-emergency placements, respite, short/long term placements and family holiday breaks arranged by placing authority / privately. This would follow the same admissions procedure.