Tailored support and mentoring

Our dedicated 24/7 Support UK Limited team puts each young person at the centre of their care.
Each has a named key worker/mentor as part of the staff team ensuring they get all the support they need.
That team is backed up by service managers who oversee our supported living placement system.
We ensure the care and support they receive is consistent and based on the most up to date information helping the young person and those assisting them to make informed decisions.
We are experienced in liaising with local authorities and the youth justice system.
We provide emergency and non-emergency placements, short and long-term placements, respite care, and family holiday placements arranged by placing authorities or privately.
Each young person is assessed individually before they move in so that our staff understand their needs.
Old patterns of behaviour can hold young people back, so we help them put their past in perspective and let go of those behaviours.
We help our young people understand their actions and their consequences.
We help them develop and gain a new outlook on life.

Helping young people to learn life’s skills

We teach our young people to:

  • Maintain their tenancies and pay their bills

  • Budget and save

  • Develop social and recreational skills

  • Access training and education

  • Register for medical services

  • Cook and do their laundry

  • Get appropriate employment

  • Get welfare benefits

  • Deal with personal hygiene

  • Book holidays

Need our help? Call our 24-hour line: 01476 567 966